WELCOME to the home page for the RISE Program, an organization created to help those recently released from jail or prison.  Our mission is clear: Through listening, guiding, and empowering individuals, RISE serves to foster self-esteem, reduce recidivism, advance a safe community, and reduce public expenditures. 


You Don't Have to Do It Alone

  • The RISE Program can help you reach for a better tomorrow.
  • Transitioning back into the community can be overwhelming.  Things like finding a job, housing, food, and transportation can be hard on your own.
  • The RISE Program helps guide you toward a brighter future by connecting you with resources and services post-release.

Celebrating Success

David came to RISE after being released form the Linn County jail. He was homeless, jobless and very depressed. Rise helped him get into a construction training program - one that pays while being trained. RISE also found an apartment and provided furnishings for David. David comes into RISE now to see how we're doing and to visit about his job and life. We continue to support David emotionally but he is independent now and making his own money. We are so proud of David!

Learn More About Our Program

You can learn more about our organization by visiting our About Us page or by contacting us.  Simply put, we seek to contact inmates while they are still in the jail, have them complete an application, and then work with them toward empowered independent living upon their release.