A Family Recovery: Deb

We share stories of success from our program here on the blog as well as on our Facebook page.  While the events and circumstances of the stories are true in every detail, names have been changed to protect the identity of participants, and photos are representative of, but not the actual, participants.

Deb attended one of our regular RISE Program meetings in the Linn County Jail. She was very addicted to meth and had been incarcerated several times over the year and a half that we met at the jail. We had a good relationship and she was trying very hard to stay away from drugs. Her three-year-old was being kept by her mother and that was a very contentious relationship.  Rise navigators had met her many times and on occasion, with her mother and son.

 From the spring of 2015 through Christmas of 2016 we saw her both inside and outside the jail. She would call periodically just see how Rise was doing and to let me know where she was living at the time. She was having so much trouble staying clean and wanted so badly to have custody of her son.  

 The next thing I knew she was in jail pregnant and determined to find a new life for her and the father of her children. She came out of Linn Co. jail and went to the Heart of Iowa where she has resided after the twins were born this May.  She was married to John in May and they have been both working now to save for a house of their own. They are applying to the Rise Housing Initiative. They are stable and we are anticipating they will be the first couple placed in a Rise house.