Celebrating Success: Ricardo

Ricardo, a graduate of the RISE Program, celebrated his new job at St Luke’s by cooking for the RISE crew. Very tasty! In today’s post, Maridee Dugger tells us a little bit about Ricardo’s journey;

Over a year has passed Ricardo walked into the door at RISE. For year he has had one problem after another. First it was getting the court case taken care of and then housing. And then he had difficulties with jobs that were not challenging, jobs it didn’t pay enough, jobs with promise but no follow through and now the thrilling reality of a job that is just perfect.

Ricardo came to RISE for help with the application at St. Luke’s for a cooks position. They asked for a lot of information that was very sensitive and frankly harassing for Ricardo to admit. He asked our advice. We suggested that he write an essay explaining the journey he has taken from jail to the street. When I went for the interview he found two very warmhearted interviewers that said they felt he needed a break. They were willing to give it to him.

The day that he got the email that he had the position at St. Luke’s, he fixed a chicken and rice dinner for everyone that attended Rise that day. We have followed his progress the last two weeks as he went through orientation and begin work. The conversation this evening was that he is “as thrilled today as he was the day he found out he had the job. It is just perfect: hours, benefits and new friends.”