Helping others help themselves

By Mary Crandall, RISE Program Coordinator

RISE helps out people with many things: ID’s, birth certificates, as well as food, clothing and finding shelter. Our participants sometimes come out of jail with just the clothes on their backs (and they are often clothes inappropriate for the season). We also help them with transportation – i.e. bus tickets. There are certain requirements for them to get a 31- day bus pass however. One participant came in today, I will call him John. He was over the moon with excitement because he followed through with this particular requirement and was now able to get a 31-day bus pass from us. He burst through our door this morning saying, ” I got my card and I didn’t even have to write it down.” You see, John has memory problems, but today, he was able to remember a very important step in his recovery. Now John is able to get around town to apply for jobs and follow through on housing recommendations. Way to go John!!!