Rebuilding and Working: Bill

We share stories of success from our program here on the blog as well as on our Facebook page.  While the events and circumstances of the stories are true in every detail, names have been changed to protect the identity of participants, and photos are representative of, but not the actual, participants.

We met Bill,  a 35-year-old man, the summer of 2016. Bill was a sex offender that has been on the offender registry since he was 18.

Bill and his girlfriend needed food, clothes, a phone before we could think of housing and work.  They were not able to find Housing anywhere in Cedar Rapids because of the prior criminal offense and so we had provided them a tent along with towels and bedding.  They spent last summer at Squaw Creek Park camgrounds. Another Rise participant helped them with some camping gear and a TV that they could plug-in at the campgrounds. They struggled to find jobs and permanent housing. 

 Finally, in the fall, some friends let them stay with them in Monticello and they both started applying for jobs. I heard in late winter that he had gotten a job at the local factory and that she was applying for jobs in Cedar Rapids. Then I heard that she got a job as a temp at TransAmerica and they have purchased a car and had found housing. They stopped in to tell us all about the good fortune they were having.  They have communicated with us by phone several times over the last six months as their relationship has had  up-and-downs  with all the difficulties they’d had. 

 Today they called to say that he had gotten a two dollar an hour raise and that she had been put on permanently at Transamerica.  They are settled and stable.