RISE Program Testimonials

"I think the RISE program is very helpful. I think it’s great and I’m very grateful to be able to come and participate." Matt

"Ultimately the RISE program has been of extreme benefit to me as I see it from my standpoint. it gives me a chance. From the program I have learned to work with facilities and do paperwork, get medical needs, also financial security. If it wasn’t for the daily time I have used with RISE, the possibility of my recidivism may have occurred or taken place. The staff at RISE were so helpful and nice, and helped tremendously. it’s a great program and I’m very thankful for all they have done for me." Jason

"This program help me obtain items needed to help me begin my new journey after incarceration. It’s a blessing and the staff are amazing and have been great. Thank you!" Jennifer

“They see you as a person with feelings. They remind you that the fallen can rise, overcome and regain a prosperous life through hope."

“They know there’s more to us than being a criminal.”

"My name is Jason Linderkamp and am no great guy my life has been a life of crime and not caring about nothing. Just drug’s and crime, prison, jail just a life of I don’t care. I was in jail when I hear about this Rise Program and how much they would help you just had to let them. I went to this meeting in jail 5 years ago and Mary one of the people who took time out of there life, said I don’t care what you have done in life am here to help listen or do what I can to help you guy’s because you guy’s don’t really get help. After the meeting I sign up with them to meet with them when I got out of jail. And I never would of though I got the biggest hug from the smallest person Mary and said we can’t wait to help you anyway we can or you let us. Me who hadn’t a a hug in  I don’t know when and this person not willing to judge me for the wrong I’d done in life just willing to show a caring ear or talk if needed. They have helped with getting bus passes, ID’s, Place’s to live even for me, thing to wear, food to eat while you’re here and coffee, and stuff to fill or place to live at no cost to guy’s and gal’s like us. They have gone above listening and helping if you chose to take the help and use the help. It’s on us to just to use the help and maybe from time to time stop in and say thank you for all the help you guy’s were willing to give me and other like me. And if your lucky like me you to will get the biggest hug from the small Mary. Just so you know it’s not a bad to ask for help if you truly want to be done with prisons, jail, and just sick of the life of drug’s and everything in life, these people here will go above and beyond to listen ask what they can help with to change the old life we lived. So I say thank you to The Rise Program for always being there when I chose to ask for the help you guy’s have helped me in so many way’s. I owe a lot to you guy’s, I’ll always try and give back anyway I can."