From Prison to Progress: Robert

By RISE Program Director Mary Crandall


RobertĀ came to RISE after spending 3 years in prison. He said, “I have to get a job. I have always had a job. I used to have a family, a house, and a good job and I drank it all down the tubes.” I go to AA, I know I can’t associate with people I knew before prison. I want to get my life together. Help me!”


Robert now has a job making $22 an hour – his previous employer hired him back. RISE helped Robert with looking at other job possibilities, in case his previous job didn’t work out. RISE also helped him with clothing (he had nothing when he got out of prison) and will provide support when he gets an apartment of his own, with household itemsĀ  and furniture. He is presently staying in a shelter.