Update: October 5, 2018

A program update from coordinator Mary Crandall.

Who needs four walls, a roof over their head and indoor plumbing to be happy?

A participant came in the other day; he and his wife were living in a tent in Linn Co. I found a room for him and a room for her, but they wanted to stay together. “We’re OK; we’re getting by. We want to be together.” I look forward to someday having our own place, where I can wake up, fix myself a cup of coffee, and listen to the news, but for now, I’m grateful to wake up every morning.”

Another homeless couple came in and all they asked for was plastic bags to collect cans in. They were so excited to tell me they made $20 the day before collecting cans. They also were sleeping in a tent. They refused blankets etc. saying they were fine. You should have seen the smiles on their faces when I gave them a bunch of big plastics bags.

A participant came into RISE to tell us he had found a room to rent. He was so excited because he could lock the door and no one would bother him. He got a job, bought some clothes, washed and returned the clothes RISE had given to him. He exuded such delight at the turn his life had taken and was very grateful for the help he received from RISE.

Mary Crandall
RISE Program Coordinator