Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer at RISE. If you are interested in any of the following, please call Mary Crandall (319-360-3071) or email at mcrandall.riseprogram@gmail.com


Thank you very much!!

Become a navigator

Navigators visit participants in jail. Once released, navigators support the participants at RISE in finding jobs, housing, ID’s, anything they need to be successful. Training is provided.

Visit inmates in jail.

Navigators will visit participants Monday night in jail before they are released to prepare them released and life after jail. Training is provided.

Make Calls

To follow-up with former participants to see how they are doing:  are they employed? do they have housing?

Write letters

To participants in the jail. Participants love to get mail, and this is one-way RISE can show them we care and are here for them.

Sort & organize donations

Household goods and clothing donations come in regularly at RISE. Volunteers are needed to go through the donations, arrange them according to size and type of clothing (i.e. men’s jeans, size 32-36).

Become a mentor.

1:1 mentors or mentors in a circle of support and accountability are needed for participants once they get out of jail.

Make ‘Goodies’ for participants to have while at RISE.

This person would bring snacks to the RISE office. Participants are always hungry when they come into RISE.